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Blog posts August 2005

Illustration Friday: Dreams

They always said that little Appleseed
was just a dreamer...

It took me a while, but I finally figured out how I wanted to portray what was on my heart and in my head this week. (I hope) It's very easy for us to look at a person's outward appearance and see inadequacy, fault, and even foolishness. In…

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Just because I feel like it...

Busy Day...Not Much to Say

Busy day...not much to say.
Except thanks for coming by.
It means a lot to me.
And I never want you to leave empty-handed.
So please accept this simple thanks.
Be Blessed,

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Illustration Friday: Reflection

As I was driving to the store last night, I caught a glimpse of the full moon rising in the east. Even though it was just a glimpse, I could tell that it was huge. As I drove further and came to a clearing beside a small lake in town, I could see it in all its glory! I couldn't remember ever seeing…

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Under the Weather and Out of Touch

My computer has been out sick with a bug for a couple of days now, but he's finally back on his feet again! Hurray! I tell you, when you're cut off from the internet (all our household computers were down), you realize what a big part of your life the internet has become...for better or worse. I ha…

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Illustration Friday: Wisdom

Ah Wisdom - one of my favorite topics ever for Illustration Friday! I had many, many thoughts about how to illustrate this, but I finally settled on the wisdom of God as evidenced in His wonderful creation. (click here to see larger version of illustration). When I look around me, I see magnificent…

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Fives: I've been tagged...twice

I was recently "tagged" by my hip sweetheart galpal Madame Heather to provide answers to the following questions. Not wishing to appear hopelessly un-hip, I'm playing along:

Where was I ten years ago?

I was back in college after a long absence, taking a figure drawing class and a 3-D design class. …

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Studio Friday: Sketchbook(s) and or Notebook(s)

Had to miss Studio Friday for a couple of weeks, but I'm happy to be back with this week's theme - sharing our studio sketchbooks and/or notebooks. First off...I have tons of them both. I have a bad habit of being in Hobby Lobby or Office Depot and "forgetting" that I still have 99 blank pages left…

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Illustration Friday: Empty

I finally had time to get in a quick submission to Illustration Friday. This week's theme is "Empty", and when I read it, I almost immediately thought of how we tend to try to fill ourselves with any number of things when we feel empty inside. Things are a poor substitute for our heart's deepest ne…

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Vacation with My Nephew

Just spent a wonderful few days with my 11 year old (almost 12 as he would say) nephew. We flew him up from Texas for a 4 day visit last week. Just thought I'd share a couple of pictures of our time together.
We did far too much for me to write about here, but a few of the highlights included a trip…

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