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Blog posts October 2007

2008 Calendar Sneak Peek (February)

(click image to enlarge)As promised, here is a peek at the February illustration for my 2008 Calendar. (you can also see January's illustration here) I am very encouraged that the design and creation process is moving fairly quickly now. This design was in part inspired by all the lovely g…

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Illustration Friday: Trick or Treat

Illustration Friday: Trick or Treat

(click image to enlarge)

Well, I have no idea why the image of little giraffe dressed as a fairy princess getting treats from a masked monkey occurred to me, much less why I actually drew it, but here it is, my contribution to this week's Illustration Friday topic "Trick or Treat"...

If you're coming…

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Cool Stuff Coming...

I hate it when I'm too busy to blog and all the good stuff that is going on is PERFECT for blogging about but I can't stop long enough to take pictures and share it with you - argh...

Please bear with me for about another day or so and I will have PLENTY to share. Here's just a sampling of what's com…

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The Pumpkin Parable

I was reading over at Karla Dornacher's blog a couple of days ago (I LOVE it over there!!) and saw a cute photo of her granddaughters and their smiling carved pumpkins they had just completed. I read on and Karla relayed a parable I had never heard about the pumpkin as it applies to us as Christian…

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2008 Calendar Sneak Peek!

I think, just maybe, for 2008 I'll actually finish creating artwork for a calendar. I've been sketching and dreaming of and planning a calendar for forever - the photo below shows just a few of my calendar ideas sketches from the last couple of years - I pulled all of them out a while back and looke…

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Belated Blogging...Awards!

I was the recent recipient of two lovely awards and I have been such a slacker in both acknowledging them and in passing them on. First off, my blog-buddy Heather (Madame Rubies) from way back in my earliest days of blogging, awarded me this "You Make Me Smile" award. Aww shucks Heather - right back…

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Belated Birthday Blessings!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Baby!!

Johnny at 4 (too cute!!)

My Hubby the Hunk

My Baby the Drummer

Well, my sweet Hubby has been so sick with a terrible cold and cough, and now I am sick too, so it's not been the most fun Birthday season ever, but I didn't want any more time to pass without sharing a sp…

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Illustration Friday: Extremes

The topic this week for Illustration Friday ("Extremes") was a bit of a tough one in my opinion - but I finally struck upon an idea that seemed to fit: the seemingly never-ending struggle to achieve balance with food. My tendencies in the past were to go from one extreme (eating just about anything)…

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Illustration Friday: Open

(Please click image to see detail)

This is a special week for Illustration Friday participants - the topic is "Open", and for the first time ever, viewers will be allowed to vote for their 5 favorite designs! The top 25 overall will get to show their illustrations at an exclusive IF show at "Open" -…

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Hope-lessly Addicted!

Yep - I am one Hope-lessly addicted Grandma!! :o) Mommy Jill just sent new photos of Princess Hope in her LSU cheerleader outfit!! Too cute!! So I played around with the image and made this little cheerleader layout- fun!!
I am also now hopelessly addicted to LSU football - (we're the number one…

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Illustration for Baby Hope

(Click image to see a larger version)
Just wanted to share a scan of the illustration I did for Baby Hope (see previous post for the latest photos of that sweet little beauty). Each of the characters/designs in the illustration correspond with a letter in her name. I've done th…

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Artwork for Baby Hope

Photos to Share: Our Fabulous Weekend in Louisiana!

Huge oak trees arching over the road in Plaquemine, Louisiana


Hubby and I had a WONDERFUL trip to Louisiana this past weekend to see the kids and grandkids! On the way down last Wednesday after work we stayed at the gorgeous new farmhouse (on 7 wonderful acres) of some dear frien…

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Illustration Friday: The Blues

I got the "Too Many Blues to Choose" Blues...

Since this week's Illustration Friday topic was "The Blues", I thought I would illustrate a bit of my current frustration at picking a blue paint color for the walls in our bedroom. There are just too many blues to choose from - "Nordic Ice" to "Rainfore…

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