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Blog posts March 2008

Way Back When-sday (Birthday Thursday): 1961


Becky is Born - 3/27/61
This will be a really short post since sweet hubby had orthopedic surgery today and we are laying low, taking it easy. The surgery went really well and Johnny is home resting comfortably. He may have to spend some time working with a occupational therapist to get that f…

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The Schultea Family Picnic...then the Accident

Hello friends,

Just wanted to let you know that my sweet hubby fell playing softball on Sunday at the big family picnic and hurt his left hand pretty badly (exposed bone, dislocated knuckle, torn tendons, gaping cut...sorry to be graphic). We spent some quality time at the ER on Easter...thankful for…

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Happy Resurrection Sunday!!

I took the following photos on my 2004 trip to Israel - these are from the Garden Tomb, the site many believe was the burial place of Jesus...it was a beautiful, solemn place...we shared Communion there - it was an unforgettable experience...

He is Risen!! - Hallelujah!!


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Bunches o' Bunnies!

Bunny Love!

Just a sweet little bunny sampler for Easter - I have bunches of bunnies, both "real" ones and artistically rendered ones, scattered all throughout my home and illustration portfolio. I've loved/collected bunnies since...well, way back, as you can see from these photos of me as a toddler.…

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Good Friday

It happened one Thursday...

The Garden"Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane..."Walls and ceiling of the church built on the site of the garden of Gethsemane Flowers from the Garden of GethsemaneExtremely ancient olive tree - perhaps approaching 2000 years...The Decision"...My Father, if it i…

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Way Back When-sday: 1995

(The 2nd Wackiest Year of My Life)

Well, I can't believe it's Wednesday again already! This week, we go 13 years back to 1995 - the year of wild extremes for me in almost every way...but mostly professionally...

I started off the year not working (first year I didn't work since I was 15) - I had …

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Completely Random Post #2 - Marvelous Makeovers

OK, so I'm kinda on a roll here - 2 posts in 2 days! So far, so good...This was a week of makeovers of sorts around here, so that seemed like an appropriate random topic for today...

First off, the transformation of a $4 thrifted cross-stitch picture:

It started out as a descent enough piece - just k…

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Completely Random Post #1: Green Things

Hi friends,

I am determined to blog on a more regular basis - daily if possible - so in an attempt to get my blogging "chops" up to speed, I am committing to posting at least once a day between now and Easter Sunday. I know that's only 7 posts counting today, but I've never done 7 daily posts in a …

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Way Back When-sday: 1981


Welcome to this week's installment of Way Back When-sday!! (yep, I got a little punny with the name and made a little banner to make it seem like it's a really big deal that thousands of people read and participate in...ya).

Wow - 1981 - I was a mere 20 years old... I had just moved with my enti…

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Illustration Friday: Garden

(click image to enlarge)

Finding Faith in a Garden Shed

When I saw this week's Illustration Friday topic, "Garden" I knew I had to participate, even if I needed to submit an existing piece of artwork - and that's exactly what I've done. This, appropriately enough, is the March design from my 2008 Cal…

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Way Back Wednesday (umm, Thursday) - 1992

On the surface that doesn't sound that "way back", but, wow, it was 16 years ago!! - my, time just flies, huh?

These little puffy peeps are part of a silk-screened t-shirt design I did when I was working at the The Gift Solution, a gift and hand-painted clothing boutique in Austin, Texas. It was…

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Our Trip to Canton: The Haul

As promised, here is part two of the two part Canton Trip series - this chronicles the shopping aspect of the Canton trip... Funny note - only the embroidered pillowcases and a couple of the breakables showcased below were from Canton vendors - ALL the rest were from the myriad of garage and estate …

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Our Trip To Canton: The Cabin

I think the pictures speak for themselves...

...yep, it was all that...
PS - I'll do a separate post to chronicle the haul from all the treasure hunting we did...stay tuned...

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