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Mobile Home Master Bedroom Makeover!

March 29, 2009
Extreme Makeover: Mobile Home Edition continues - now with photos from the master bedroom...
This 1982 mobile home had 2 kinds of walls - wood paneling and printed vinyl-coated wallboard. The master bedroom had the dubious distinction of being the one room in the house that was all vinyl wallboard..…

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Way Back When-sday: Birthdays and Celebrations!

March 25, 2009

I want to welcome you all back to Way Back When-sday! This week we are focusing on Birthdays and Celebrations...cuz this week (Friday to be exact) is my 48th Birthday. Wow...how did THAT happen? Saying that time flies is an understatement...more like time travels at warp speed. Oh well...
The followi…

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Salvage Chic: Decorating for Almost Nothing

March 23, 2009
The ongoing transformation of our mobile home from trailer trashy to cottage cozy is one of the most difficult, but incredibly fun and satisfying tasks I have ever undertaken. And doing it on the tightest of budgets has only made the challenge even more fun. When we made the move here, I made an imp…

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Introducing Linda - The Birthday Girl! (and Nancy too!)

March 12, 2009
Please allow me to introduce my BFF from my days in Colorado (and forever more) - Linda! Today, sweet Linda is celebrating one of those milestone birthdays (you know the ones), and I wanted to take just a moment ask you to join me in wishing her a very happy, healthy, and joy-filled birthday! Linda…

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Progress, Inspiration, and a Confession

March 10, 2009
Extreme Makeover: Mobile Home Edition is still in progress, but we are miles and miles further along than we were when we began in January. We are all moved in, I finally have my computer set up in the office, and all the major systems of the house are online and functioning. But we are still livin…

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The Laboratory

March 9, 2009

March - are you kidding me?

March 1, 2009
Welcome March...and the Promise of Spring!

Hi y'all! I know I've been really busy and all, but seriously, has 1/6th of 2009 already gone by...? Wow! Well, I guess it's Happy March to all of you!!

I just wanted to post a really quick update on our renovation and move...

We are ALMOST all moved in - tom…

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