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31 Days: Day 12 - Thankful Thursday!

Once again I am joining Karla this week for Thankful Thursday! I am so incredibly blessed, it's hard to know where to start... but for this week I'll focus on the awesome opportunity I have now to be free from my former full time job and pursuing my dream of being an illustrator (and a homemaker).
I'm thankful to the Lord for providing absolutely everything we have needed at every step of the way to make this happen...it's been amazing to watch...lots of cool God-stories to be told. I am also very thankful to my sweet hubby for working so hard- not just at his 12 hour a day job as an electrician, but also for all that he does around our property and home to make it special and to keep it maintained. He's a treasure in SO many ways...and I am so grateful for him...
One of the sacrifices we had to make to enable me to leave a steady paycheck was downsizing from 1500 square feet plus a garage to 1000 square feet with no garage. Though we got rid of a LOT of stuff, we still had quite a bit that just wouldn't fit in the house, so we had to buy a 12' x 24' storage building to put on the property to hold it all. And it is FULL. Well, the Lord has sweetly provided the funds to be able to purchase another identical 12' x 24' storage building for the other side of the property (for holding all the garage/attic stuff), and the original one (below) will now become my ART STUDIO!!!

Hubby is getting it and the new one wired, insulated, air conditioned, sheet-rocked, etc - everything needed to make them climate controlled and self contained. I am SO EXCITED to have a creative "playhouse" of my own, and we have such plans for making it oh so cute...inside and out...and oh so organized and functional!! I will definitely keep you up to date on our progress and share lots of befores and afters!!
Yep, I told you - I am so very blessed! But really, although I am incredibly grateful for the material things He has provided (like the studio), it's the opportunity to serve Him through creating and sharing artwork that I am so blown away by! So, on this Thankful Thursday, I have to say "Thank You Lord for this incredible opportunity - may I glorify You in everything my hands find to do!"
Well, it's May 21st, the 12th day of my 31 Day Challenge to read a chapter of Proverbs everyday for 31 days and post about it. Today I read Proverbs 12 and here are a couple of work-related verses that are simple and practical (all of these verses are from "The Message" Bible):
"The diligent find freedom in their work; the lazy are oppressed by work."
Proverbs 12:24
"A lazy life is an empty life, but "early to rise" gets the job done."
Proverbs 12:27
I'll see you guys tomorrow - I have some thrifted goodies and other mobile home makeover updates to share!! And of course - Proverbs 13!

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