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31 Days: Day 15 - Sneak Peek at My Week!

Howdy friends! Just wanted to share a quick "Sneak Peek at My Week" to let you in on some of the fun stuff I have coming up!! (I'm still posting every day during the 31 Day Challenge, so there'll be new goodies each & every day!)
1) I'll be participating Monday morning for the first time in Metamorphosis Monday hosted by the lovely Susan at Between Naps on the Porch...
...I will be sharing befores and afters of my Teeny Guest Room makeover...here what it looked like while we were painting... Although it's not 100% finished, it is coming along nicely...and it certainly has come a long way! Come back tomorrow to see how it turned out!

2) I will also be hosting Way Back When-sday on
the 27th - this week I will be going way back to my High School Prom! If you want to join in the fun, you can share any memories and photos from your High School days! It'll be fun!!
3) I will share the details of another No Sew home decor project I completed today - easy, easy, easy !!!

4) I'll be completing another Illustration Friday submission - the topic this week is "Cracked". Interesting word...y'all have any ideas...?
And of course, I will continue sharing a verse(s) from a different chapter of Proberbs each day as part of the 31 Day Challenge...
Today is Day 15, so here is my verse from Proverbs 15 - I hope it is a blessing to you...
Amen to that!!!
See you tomorrow friends!!!

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