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A Birthday and a Reunion!

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie!!!  
I love you so much - God blessed me more than I can express when He brought our hearts together!! I hope your day is wonderful, and that the next year is full of adventure and blessings!

We are headed to the south part of Houston for a very special reunion this evening - my youth group from church when I was in High School is having a reunion for all the kids who were part of the youth group from roughly 1975 - 1985! I spent a lot of quality time with these old friends and I am really looking forward to reconnecting!! Here's a photo of a small group of us from one of our youth trips to Tennessee in 1978 - that's me with the red and blue rugby shirt in the middle (mercy me...so young)

Should be a lot of fun...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with those you love!! Can't wait to show you more of the art I'm working on...coming up this week!  Hugs y'all - we'll chat again soon....

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