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(Belated) Blog Birthday Giveaway!!!

Just Bee 'n Me Blog Birthday Giveaway!!

The (Belated) Blog Birthday Bash Giveaway is finally here!!!!!! Whew! I really wanted to do a photo shoot, but then I would never have gotten this post finished, and I didn't want to wait one more second to make this available to you!! SO, you can check out the montage above to get a feel for the goodies that I will be sharing with the winner (you can see a sort of Sweet Summer Blues feel to the collection). There are repurposed china pieces and vintage linens (from the Just Bee 'n Me Boutique), cute little collectible whatnots, teensy tea cup, notecard set (based on some of my calendar designs), bookmark, and several fun and functional art pieces (framed print, altered journal, etc) using one of my digital illustrations from each of the years I've been blogging ('05, '06, '07, and '08)!! Plus who knows what else I'll throw in as I'm packing up the goodies!! And, as an added bonus, I will send the winner a copy of the Siesta Fiesta Cookbook with my cover design as soon as they are available!!!

To enter for the giveaway, simply leave a comment to this post between now and 5:00 PM Central time on Sunday, August 3rd when I will use a random number generator and pick a winner! You don't have to have a blog to enter and I welcome participants from around the world! PLEASE, if you don't mind, tell folks about this giveaway that you think might be interested - I would LOVE to meet a lot of new blog buddies!!!
Belated though it is, I hope this thank you gift giveaway in some small way conveys my heartfelt appreciation and love for all of my blog friends...old and new. Many of you have been here from the very beginning and have never stopped saying hello...even when I had... Wow! Plus you have been with me and supported my through divorce, relocation, remarriage and a host of family happenings, artistic endeavors, uncertainty, flea market madness, and pure joy. I wouldn't have wanted to walk this road without you. What a blessing you are to me!!
"I thank my God every time I remember you."
(Philippians 1:3)
BTW, I am working steadily on the Just Bee 'n Me Boutique online shop - I can't wait to be able to offer you some of the same goodies that we sell in the Boutique locally - plus some awesome online-only selections like unique ephemera and fabric/trim crafty kits, one-of-a-kind vintage linen collages, and so much more!! I hope you will keep us bookmarked and check back for the grand opening SOON!!
And here's just a sampler of the blog fun I have planned for the Fall/Holiday season:
  • A return of the new and improved Merry Making Christmas Gift Guide - bigger and better than ever!!! I hope you will plan to participate this year...it will be greatly expanded but still FREE, FREE FREE for my vendor buddies!
  • New Freebies - I will be offering free blog sidebar inspirational images to grace your blog with the Word
  • Way-Back When-sday will continue, but I am inviting others to participate with me and I will post the links to participating blogs here. I'll post a way-back year ahead of time and give you plenty of time to participate with your own old photos and sweet remembrances of that year. C'mon, it'll be FUN!!! We'll probably shoot for bi-weekly since it is such a busy season.
  • Brand new Just Bee 'n Me studio construction and reveal!!!
  • So much more!!! Please come back often to see what new fun things will be happening at Just Bee 'n Me!!!!
I treasure each and every one of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And best of luck to you in the giveaway - don't forget to leave a comment and pass the word!!!!

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