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Bring on October!

Happy October!

Hi friends! I promise I will share part two of The Hurricane Ike Chronicles in the next day or so (I know you can't wait :o), but I didn't want the first day of October to pass without giving it a proper greeting. I LOVE Fall, as do so many of you as I see from your blogs, so I thought it appropriate to tip my hat to this awesome time of year! The image above is from my 2008 Calendar for the month of October...and if you missed out on last year's calendar...never fear! I will be offering the same images in a 2009 calendar at my CafePress shop. I know it seems like cheating to use the images again, but since I only gave/sold a few dozen of them in January, I hope there might be a few more folks who would want one this time around. And who knows...I may just add a surprise new image or two...you never know...!! So, look for an announcement on that very shortly!! Oh yeah, I will ALSO be creating a Calendar of BRAND NEW designs for 2009 - I will share teasers along the way like I did lat year, so I hope you'll check back in and see how it's progressing!!

Also, since the air, though still a bit warm during the day, is crisp and dry for us here in Houston, and it's finally feeling a little like Fall, I thought I would repeat my Autumn A-Z post from last year (boy I am really in a recycling mode I guess) - but once again, I have new readers (thanks to the 3 of you!! ;o) and they might not have seen it. So, here goes...

A- Acorns, apples, apple cider, antique-hunting, azure-blue skies

B- Bales of hay, beauty berries, baking goodies, Bible reading on the back porch
C- Candy corn, caramel apples, corduroy, chili and cornbread, crisp cool air, cozy nights
D- Daylight savings time ends, deer, ducks, dogs, dunking for apples, drawing outdoors, dancing in the moonlight
E- Extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, easy-going Sundays, espresso, extra covers on the bed
F- Fall leaves, fires in the fireplace, football, flannel shirts, funnel cakes, flea markets, furry critters
G- Grapevines, gourds, garage sales, good hair days
H- Hay rides, horseback riding, hot chocolate, harvest moons
I- Iris bulbs, Irish coffee, Indian corn
J- Jellies and jams, jackets, jerseys, jeans, junk stores
K- Kids laughing, kittens scampering, Kettle corn
L- Logs on the fire, leaf piles, layering, lounging at a lake house
M- Movie nights, mochachinos, marshmallows roasting on an open fire, making memories
N- Nibbling on nuts, nests, naps on nippy afternoons
O- Owls, oatmeal for breakfast, oldies on the radio, open windows at night
P- Piles of pumpkins, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pretty flannel PJs, painting from nature
Q- Quilts, quiet walks
R- Riding a bike, raccoons, raking red leaves
S- Sunflowers, scarecrows, s'mores, savory soups, school supplies, sweaters, star-gazing, state fairs, singing for no reason, snuggling on the sofa with my sweetie
T- Tailgate parties, turtlenecks, tea for two, Thanksgiving, turkey and dressing
U- long Underwear, undertaking new projects
V- Vanilla extract, votive candles, voting
W- Wheat, wagons, warm cinnamon rolls
X- foXes, eXtra e-Bay boXes from Fed-eX
Y- Yellow mums, yummy yams
Z- fuZZy bunny slippers
Happy Fall Y'all!!

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