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Calendar Sneak Peek: September

Hello friends,

First off, I just want to say thank you - I'm always so happy when you drop by!! You guys will probably never know what and inspiration you are to me - and what an encouragement! So again I say, with a heart full of gratitude, Thank You!!

Just wanted to post another mini sneak peek at just a portion of my calendar design for September. I am rocking right along with the calendar, but it will take most all of my spare time to get all the designs done by December the 17th, my self-imposed deadline - so thanks also for your patience as I post a little less and skip Illustration Friday - I have no choice if I am to finish...

Ahhh..but there's so much to post about, so I will burn some midnight oil and manage to post as often as I can. Some highlights still to come:

  • My First Ever Blog Give-Away
  • Brand new goodies in my store
  • Fat-Free Fridays (should be fun)
  • Awesome Introductions to some Awesome Bloggers
  • Deck the Halls, Y'all
  • and more....

Please stay tuned...this would be no fun at all if no one ever came by!! I love you guys!!

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