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Crunch Time

Yep, it's crunch time all right. It's less than two weeks until our show at Larry's Old Time Trade Days in Winnie, Texas. I've consumed every can of Rustoleum Heirloom White in 3 counties, I've burnt every finger on both hands with the glue gun, and I've breathed enough E-6000 fumes to kill what precious few brain cells I have left. Although I may have used just a touch of hyperbole on that last sentence, I have truly been working hard to complete projects for the show...

Alas, I've not taken any photos of the chaos progress...I'm afraid I'll accidentally spray paint my camera and glue it artfully onto a wreath! No, you'll just have to imagine all the glorious goodness we've been cranking out for now until I sound the "All Clear" and allow cameras into the war zone studio again...

On top of everything, my dedicated art computer (the one with ALL my art files and photos and all my art programs) went kaput earlier this week. My dear brother is going to look at it this weekend and see if he can revive it...fingers crossed and praying!

But since Just Bee 'n Me editorial standards forbid blog posts without pictures, here are a few old random, unrelated Just Bee 'n Me images from Picasa Web (since my old hard drive is awaiting surgery)... Enjoy!

That's probably an appropriate place to stop for now. I've got to head back out to the trenches...I think I just might have one more can of Heirloom White and a few brain cells left...just imagine what I might create!

Love Y'all!

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