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Fresh Mercies

It's going to be one of those weeks - the busy kind. The kind that have you meeting yourself coming and going. The kind where you hit yourself in the head for being a procrastinator. The kind where you have to make a list every single day to make sure you don't forget to do each very important thing you have to do. The kind where it's so easy to forget to stop...and pray...and trust...and be grateful. You know those kind of weeks...those kind of days...

Thank You Lord for your fresh mercies each morning. Help me to not hurry past them with my own agenda leading the way. Help me to pause, to breathe, to reflect...help me to seek You first in all things. Thank you for this new day...may it be Your priorities at the top of my list, and not my own. May I feel Your gentle guidance, and take Your easy yoke, and pull Your light burden....mine are just too heavy to carry.

He has fresh mercies for you this morning...don't let your agenda push you past them. Enjoy them today and all this week, and I will try to do the same. I have a feeling that we'll still get everything done that is important, but we'll also get some much needed peace in the process...

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