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Garage Sale Heaven!

On Wednesday, my Mom and I drove to Beaumont to preview and help out at the Wesley United Methodist Church annual garage sale. My aunt and her daughter, my cousin, are volunteers in charge of this amazing garage sale, and they work on it off and on all year, sorting and hand pricing every single item! (they have lots of help though when it comes to transport and set up time for the actual sale)  We were able to do a bit of pre-shopping on the day before the garage sale started, then we got to work helping out with the massive job of set up...it was sheer garage sale heaven! Here's just a taste of the amazing selection...

My aunt and cousin are amazing merchandisers - they work table by table grouping the merchandise by type, and color-coordinating the selections wherever possible...

They also like to make special displays throughout the floor like these vintage toys all grouped together in a vintage bassinet...

My mom and I got to get in to the merchandising fun when we set up the "boutique" area of the sale...here's just a little taste of that...

I couldn't possibly capture the amazing breadth of the sale - there was a whole room, the fellowship hall, completely filled with clothes and shoes, and so many tables and tables and tables of everything from vintage office supplies to tools, from vintage cookbooks to framed art, and more pieces of furniture than you can count...and all at great prices! Garage Sale Heaven indeed!

In case you live in the Beaumont, TX area, the sale started today 5/23 and goes through Saturday 5/25 - here's a link to the location: http://events.beaumontenterprise.com/beaumont_tx/events/show/326649043-church-wide-garage-sale

My mom talked to my aunt today - they had a fabulous turnout, and they continued to receive new merchandise all throughout the day...sounds like another long night of sorting and pricing! (wish we could be there...sounds like crazy fun!)

Oh, I almost forgot...yes, I did buy some goodies...I didn't go crazy, but I got some fun stuff that will be heading to the Etsy shop soon...

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That's a alot of stuff!! :) Glad they are having a good turn out!


I love church sales! How fun to see the goodies before the sale and help out! Warmly,deb