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Golden Magazine Illustrations, Part 1

Recently I found some great Golden Magazines for children at a flea market and I said then that I would share some of the illustration contents. I'll share these in bits over the next few days. For today I want to share the contents page from August of 1968. Each magazine's content page has a border with a theme - this issue's content page theme is state fair.

The charming border is made up of little watercolor washes with pen and ink depicting things at a state fair. Beneath that are kids on a train ride. I really like the breezy, simple style of these pictures. Next is a close up of one of the kids on the train - you can see how minimalist the color and detail are, yet they truly convey the feeling and spirit of the fun of the fair. At the bottom is my meager attempt to emulate this much looser style - it certainly was quick!

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