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(His) Timing is Everything

Welcome Spring 2010! You wouldn't know it was here by the Arctic blast that just came through here yesterday and turned it back to "Winter" (well, it got into the 30's again last night, which is wintery enough for me). But by the calendar, Spring arrived yesterday, whether or not the weather forecast, the endless white of a snow filled yard, or the icy cold blast of wind begs to differ...

Timetables, schedules, clocks, and calendars are useful for us humans for a host of reasons, but God doesn't work on our time schedules. Oh, how often we wish He would! But, He sees the big picture and works from His perfect plan and knows precisely when to do what needs to be done for His greatest glory and our greatest blessing...

How many times have I given up in the darkest night, just before the glorious dawn was about to break...? How many times have I rushed ahead to do something, vainly trying to "help" God accomplish His promise for me...? (ask Sarah and Abraham how that worked out for them!) As hard as it may be a times, we simply must learn to trust...to walk by faith and not by sight...

So, no matter what you see from your window today, tune your heart to the song of Spring by faith and belt out a glorious hymn of praise to the Lord for His wonderful, perfect timing! The birdsong and blossoms will join with you soon enough!
Have a glorious week by faith dear friend!

"For we walk by faith, not by sight."
2 Cornthians 5:7 (NKJV)

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