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Junkin' Like a Drunken Sailor (Oh the Guilt!!)

Why guilt you might ask...? Because I cannot seem to quit buying this stuff!! It's not that I spend very much money - quite the contrary (this stuff is dirt cheap)....it's that I DON"T HAVE ANY MORE ROOM!! I have begun, AGAIN, in earnest, to clean up and re-purpose a few pieces, preparing them for selling and really, really soon I will be unveiling my new Etsy shop - Yay!! Then, maybe, just maybe, we will begin to move items out of the garage, the studio, the dining room, the closets, etc, and into some of YOUR hands (HOPEFULLY!!)

OK, now lets be honest - how could I pass up this stuff...?? Especially since practically none of it was over $2.00 - most were $.25 - $1.00!!

Love this sweet embroidered piece of Jesus and animals...lovingly done by a woman's Grandmother...I assured her I would re-love it into something wonderful...

$2.00 for this yellow rose afghan! SO much work went into this!!

$2:00 also for this entire box of vintage 50's - 80's era greeting cards - unused...

These summery dishes were my only "big dollar" purchase at $15.00 - there are lots more of them in the box - these are just a few of them...

My Mom bought this lamp for me (she's an enabler :o) But oh the possibilities with this cute teapot/coffee pot lamp, huh...!?!

This one I'm keeping - this is a perfect fit to go on top of our fireplace mantel - once it's all shabbied-up of course - it will make a wonderful setting to stage seasonal decor - can't wait!!

Oh yeah...that's how much I paid for it...

Yep...I got a junk habit.....help....

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WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! You done good, as we say in our neck of the woods! Way to go on the treasures. Now you have been biten by that nasty little junking bug and I bet you are in for one busy summer. Love the red cake thingamajobberdo! The embroidery piece of Jesus is the sweetest!xoBeckyPS: Sorry I have not been by for awhile - have been up to my nostrils in sewing projects. ha!!


Wow, Becky! I love the beads and especially, the Jesus needlwork piece. You are GOOD at junking! If If only I had your talent for finding great items like that. Keep up the habit!Patricia :o)


I love all your 'junk'! So many delightful goodies! I joke that my sons will put on my crochet in a thrift store when I'm gone. Lovely afghan~I'm glad it found a good home.


I'm just as guilty as you are Becky...I love to go "Junquing". It looks like you found some really nice treasures here. Marge :)


Hi Becky, I wish you lived by me. I would love to go treasure hunting with you. You have some wonderful finds. WOW!! I have given you an award. Stop by and pick it up anytime.Celestina,La Rea Rose


It's all wonderful, Becky! I know the thrill of the find! After 20 some-odd years of being a "thrift queen", I've finally stopped. Too much stuff and my husband wasn't into it at all (unlike your's). So keep posting so I can live vicareously through you! PS--Love the $2 afghan!


Shut-up! I want to go junkin with you! Where do you find this stuff! Sorry, another enabler here. LOL!


The beads and the greeting cards would have gone home with me too. I do love thrifting.