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Just Bee 'n Three!!

Just Bee 'n Me is Turning Three!!

Well, dear friends in Blogland and beyond, it is hard to believe that 3 long, short years ago I sat down at this computer, in another entire state (both physically and emotionally), and wrote out these few words:


A Tentative Venture
Well, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step (or something like that)...so, here I step. I'm officially entering the blog world with the enthusiasm and starry-eyed optimism of of a newbie. For anyone who happens to stumble onto this; welcome. As I unpack and get settled in I hope to be able to show you a bit more hospitality, but for now you'll have to be content to pull up a cardboard box and have a seat. I've been inspired of late to open a blog of my own to share tidbits of artistic fumblings and snippets of hazy daydreams.
Since I can't seem to write a sentence without a metaphor, you'll have to be adept at reading with your whimsy turned up and your logic turned down. As an artist masquerading as high-tech professional, I live in a constant struggle between whimsy and logic. Perhaps I can find harmony between the two as I venture into this high-tech arena with my art in tow. I'll simply insist that they play nice together. I hope to include imagery soon (I hate bare walls) -but for now, these few words will have to do. I look forward to saying absolutely nothing of consequence again soon - come back if you have nothing better to do.Blessings to all. Good night.


Although it is only been 3 years, it seems like a lifetime ago in so many ways. LOTs of water has passed under the bridge since then and the blog has certainly changed as have I...

I invite you to celebrate this milestone with me all throughout the week (June 9th - 16th) - I have lots of fun things planned, not the least of which is a wonderful Birthday Bash Giveaway that I will reveal tomorrow!! Just a quick hint - the prize package will include at least one item made by/illustrated by me from each year of the blog!

Other highlights from the week will include a Way Back When-sday feature for the year 2005...it was the most traumatic year of my life, but many, many shining bits of light shone through the trials, and have lots to share about it all.

Also, I'll have updated photos to share from the Just Bee 'n Me Boutique, a couple of tags to play that I have been meaning to play for a long time, introductions to some great blogs, and a Father's Day tribute - plus so much more!!

I hope you'll stop by often for cupcakes and strawberry lemonade - and LOTs of fun - and of course, you'll want to start signing up on tomorrow's post for the big giveaway!!!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and visiting - it means the world to me!!

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