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Latest Issue of Overflow

As you may or may not know, I work with a team of writers to publish a bi-weekly devotional e-zine called Overflow. I just posted the latest issue today: http://www.rez.org/WOW/Overflow_newsletter.htm. From this jumping off page (or from here), you can read the Overflow Devotional (A Red-Shoes Day), the Rinse Cycle (Burrito Blunder), and Women at the Watercooler (It's Not About Me). I wrote the editorial introduction and created the Scripture Inspiration Graphic (seen here). I took the photo used for the illustration at a Pampered Princess Party we had for our gals this Spring. (but that's another story...however, if you want to read about why a princess party - here's a devotional I wrote about it recently) I love seeing women having fun being girly. We're not all very comfortable with it frankly, and that was part of why we did it. Anyway, this little publication has been a real blessing for all of us. It gives us ordinary girls a creative outlet to share what the Lord is doing in our lives, in big and small ways. I hope it blesses you...

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