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Playing with Polyvore


Are you familiar with Polyvore? If you've ever done much pinning on Pinterest, you've probably run across these cute little ensembles and wondered, as I did, where in the world they came from...? They just looked so fun. So several weeks ago I found Polyvore, created a free account and started making my own little ensembles...and boy is it ever fun, (and addictive)!!

It's far more than just clothes too - you can create ensembles out of home goods, furniture, artwork, decorative backgrounds, and on and on it goes! Best of all, if you are a creative maker of things, you can add your products to the Polyvore mix and create lovely little ensembles featuring your products, then share on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or your blog - super easy!! Each Polyvore ensemble piece is a clickable link that shows the price of the item and takes you to a link to purchase! Great concept, and just one more fun, creative way to get your products seen...

I hope you'll head over and have some fun with all the beautiful things to create with. Please check out my Polyvore sets and follow along if you'd like!

Here are a few Summer sets I've made lately...



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