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Thanksgiving Memory Making

What a WONDERFUL time we all had at the beach for Thanksgiving! 14 of us gathered in a beach cabin near Galveston for a fun-filled 4 days of memory-making. Wednesday was relatively warm and the kids actually got to play in the water.

My new daughter sculpted this incredible sea turtle on the beach - my new grandson shows the scale of the sculpture.

The beach cabin has plenty of kitschy decor - so fun!


Thursday, the cold air started to pour in - but we all enjoyed it - it just doesn't quite feel like Thanksgiving if it's not a little chilly. And my oh my, you should've seen the food - we could have fed another 14 people easily. We all thoroughly enjoyed bustling around, pulling together the feast...

My brother's lab Sandy could not understand why she wasn't invited
to the Thanksgiving feast.


I was so grateful that I brought lots of craft supplies for me and the grandkids, niece and nephews to create with - we were forced indoors pretty much all day Friday and Saturday as the cold increased and the rains came...

We did manage to have a wonderful fire on the beach both Thursday and Friday nights - so cozy...

The cold and rain couldn't put a damper on our incredible memory-making Thanksgiving - we had a blast and have already agreed that we will return to the cabin for Christmas of 2008 - it's becoming a regular family holiday tradition. I was so thankful that my new sweet hubby was there, along with one of his daughters and 3 of his grandkids, to share in the fun, food and family fellowship - it was awesome!!! I hope each and every one of you had a warm memory-making Thanksgiving as well!

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