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The Big Easy

Hi friends! Just wanted to share a little tip of the hat to The Big Easy on this Mardi Gras eve (I'm not really a big Mardi Gras fan, but I appreciate the colorful quirkiness of it). I made this poster for Illustration Friday when the topic was "Alphabet" back in 2007. It was one of the most fun and most labor intensive illustrations I've ever done...it's a favorite of mine. (btw, this design is available on a variety of products at my CafePress store)

I love New Orleans; it is a unique and wonderful place with incredible food, amazing architecture, and an infinitely interesting variety of people. After a 2007 trip there, I also made the following poster from photos I took around town...such a cool place, and a photographer's dream!

I hope you have a fun, festive Tuesday!

I'll be back very soon to show you a great giveaway prize that I won, give you a sneak peek at the images from what will soon be a new Aimee Asher digital clipart kit...plus a preview of a new post I am putting together for the Aimee Asher blog about where I get my inspiration. I hope you'll stop back by and check it out!

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