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The Hurricane Ike Chronicles: The Evacuation

Well folks, so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to the blog. We are doing just fine! Power was restored at our house last Thursday, but I missed an entire week of work at my real job, plus we've had tons of post-Ike clean-up, and the closing of the shop (whole separate post coming on that topic alone)...so I've been in catch-up mode all this week since the hurricane...Thank you SO much for your concern and prayers for me and my family during this ordeal - I sincerely appreciate it!

I have quite a few photos to share from our adventures with Ike, so I broke up the story into two installments: this one, "The Evacuation", and the next post, "The Aftermath".

As I mentioned in a previous update, my Mom and Dad and John and I (and sweet Maddie of course) evacuated on Friday September 12th in advance of Hurricane Ike to Huntsville Texas, about an hour north of the north end of Houston. My brother is a track coach at the university there and he offered to shelter us in the Athletic facilities during the storm. The school had its own backup power source so we were assured to never be without power for the duration of the stay. So for three days, this is where we called home...

(I need to state again that we had it SO very good compared to the folks who rode out the storm closer to the full fury of its impact - in retrospect, our evacuation experience looks silly and frivolous by comparison, but it is our real story nonetheless...)

Maddie, Our Evacuation Mascot

Of course Maddie thought this whole adventure, though confusing at times, was quite fun, and all about HER...

Hanging out with her Daddy is one of her most favorite things to do, no matter where are...

How We Slept

Well....if you take 8 of these....(note the cushy seats)

...you can make one of these...

Not too bad a bed, all things considered...Johnny and I created these Friday night, and by Saturday night, the rest of the family did the exact same thing. It was far better than sleeping on the floor.

Evacuation is All About the Food

Our makeshift kitchen - a card table stocked with the finest in disposable tableware...

A healthy, well-balanced assortment of food is essential for an effective and efficient evacuation, but this is what we had instead....

Maddie is more than willing to do her share to help with the kitchen chores...

My brother reluctantly allows me to to carefully document the making of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich - what decent foodie blog post doesn't include step-by-step pictorial instructions for creating culinary masterpieces...?

And if you've never simply dumped 2 cans of chili in with a pound of Velveeta cheese and heated it in a crock pot....

...then poured it over tortilla chips...well, you haven't lived...

...now that's evacuee epicurean excellence!

How We Passed the Time

Whenever we managed to take a break from eating too much of all the wrong things, we were able to set up information central with 2 laptops, wireless Internet with streaming news of the hurricane's approach, and a stack of Romantic Homes and ME Home Companion magazines...all the essentials for being well informed as well as inspired!

Sometime early Saturday morning, when the storm reached Huntsville, we lost cable (how tragic), but never fear, the university backup power kept all the power on the entire weekend, so we were able to do things like watch DVDs in the plush executive suite at the school's stadium to pass the time...
We were really suffering...

I know Maddie, it was a "tough" weekend....but you were a real trooper!

Seriously, we were so grateful to have had this safe haven to run to from the storm - I am so glad we decided to ride it out there rather than at home. My other brother and his family opted to stay home and they said it was the most terrifying 24 hours of their lives...

Well, what followed this weekend respite was not nearly as fun as we hit the road and travelled back home and faced a real mess. I will tell that tale and share more photos in the next installment of The Hurricane Ike Chronicles: The Aftermath - please stay tuned...
"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." (Psalm 91:1)

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Not too shabby! Looks like the Hilton of evacuation shelters lol. I had to evacuate with my family when a very powerful hurricane hit North Carolina (I was 8). We slept in a school gym with hundreds of other people. There were boxes full of toys so I had a great time playing with the other kids, and was mad when we had to leave. The storm was terrifying though when it passed over us that night. So glad you're safe and sound!


I hate that I am just now able to leave a comment, but I LOVED this post!!! My very dearest friend since childhood lives in Houston and rode it out...which she regretted. Her family and home survived without lasting damage to either but were without power for 12 days! Ugh!!As for you, girlie...what a way to evacuate!!! The bed was brilliant and the food looked delightful!!! I'm just so glad you and yours were well cared for! In His Love - Cindyhttp://mylifehisstory.blogspot.com/


Good thing you evacuated. I lived in Mobile until I was 10 years old. Every time a hurricane headed our way, we packed up and drove to grandmother's house in central Alabama. I can't imagine how scary the real thing would be with trees uprooting and windows smashing. I kept praying that it would miss Houston. It is such a big city. I'm glad you are safe and power has returned. God bless all of you that have so much restoration ahead of you.


I am so glad your family was safe and relatively comfortable! The magazines and chili cheese over chips makes it almost a party:>) (Probably not!)


That does it! Next time, I'm evacuating with you. Chili cheese chips and cushy chairs indeed :-)Ha!Love you-- let's visit soon...


Well, the Chili Cheese chips look good, but not under those circumstances. :) Maddie is a Sweet Girl !! And a trooper !! I lived in Huntsville, it was a nice little town. :) I am so glad your power is back on and life is getting a bit more normal. I also know that it will all take time and stay with you long after the outward stuff is cleaned up. You hang in there, Sweet Friend !! Sending you Big Hugs !!! :)