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The Inspired Still Life Series: "Vintage Strawberry Blessings"

Well, there's been a lot of creative activity in the studio lately, so I wanted to take a moment and share what's been going on...

As I mentioned before, I have been doing a lot more art photography these past few weeks, and I have finally completed my first collection in what I am calling the Inspired Still Life Series - "Vintage Strawberry Blessings"! Basically, I have created a series of still life vignettes using my cherished vintage pieces (like vintage linens and china) along with fresh flowers and other sweet touches and some digital embellishement, and I am making products with the images that I will be making available in my Just Bee 'n Me Boutique in Zazzle and Etsy.  The first set of products is complete in the Zazzle shop - it's a series of four greeting cards (notecards too) that feature some of the "Vintage Strawberry Blessings" images along with inspirational and encouraging Scriptures and sentiments. These cards are perfect for sharing with your treasured friends. (that's who I had in mind when I created them!) Here's a little preview of what they're like (the cover photo and interior graphic):


There are many, many more collections to come in the Inspired Still Life Series...can't wait to share more...

Mom and I have also been crafting and we have a bunch of brand new Vintage Fabric Flowers that we will be listing soon - here's a little preview...

We are combining cute vintage fabrics, doilies, buttons, laces, and vintage costume jewelry bits, and adding pins to the backs so they can be worn as a brooch or pinned on a purse or tote bag. They are SO fun to make...we're having a great time creating them! I'll let you know just as soon as they are listed in our Etsy shop!


Meanwhile, sweet hubby and I are off to a little 24 hour getaway to Austin to shop at the AWESOME, HUGE City Wide Garage Sale at the Palmer Center - oh my, such garage sale/flea market goodness as far as the eye can see!! It's been years since I have been, but it's only grown since then so I am ready to be amazed...and to shop!  Hopefully more vintage fabrics and jewelry for more fabric flowers...oh and props for more still life photos...and whatever else we may see!! Fun, fun!

Have a great weekend friends!!  Hug to all!!

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So glad you found me Gail (love Pinterest!!) I appreciate your sweet compliments very much...thanks for taking the time to say hi! I'll try to find you on Pinterest and we can be Pin Pals!! Big Hugs and thanks again!! - Becky

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Hi Kathy - I have peeps like you (and me) in mind when I create anything with red...we should form a club ;o) Glad you like the new stuff. The garage sale was a lot of fun and I did find doilies, vintage gingham aprons, junk jewelry parts, and some cool little vintage fruit chalkware (including cherries!)...plus hubby got a great deal on a Yamaha guitar. It was a pretty good haul.... Hugs to you dear friend - B

Love the greeting/ note cards! You know I'm a big fan of red so your photo collage makes me smile:>) Did you find anything good at the big garage sale?

It's always so fun to see what you are working on. Always beautiful! Have lots of fun on your getaway. I would love to go there too. We don't have much of that sort of thing in our area. Not enough people.

Love your vintage artwork-what a great way to use them-in cards! Love your flower pins, too. Hope you have fun on your little getaway- xo Diana