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The Week in Review

Hello friends!

It has been a busy week around here...sorry for being away for the better part of it. I really needed to get a new digital kit finished for my Digital Boutique, which I just did yesterday - hurray!! It's a little Fall mini clipart kit called "Happy Fall Y'all" featuring a couple of frolicking mice (see one of them above) and several cute Fall sticker-doodles and rich background papers in coordinating Fall colors. This is a great jump start for Fall crafting, card making and scrabooking!

In addition to working on the kit, sweet hubby was hard at work on the Studio...as usual. One of the steps I forgot about when I was figuring how long it would take to finish was adding rafters for the ceiling. This was quite a job, but he got it all done as well as 75% of the paneling - so, we are really getting closer now to the finish line!

I did manage to pick out a creamy-buttery yellow paint color for the Studio...it's called "Song of Summer" and it's the foremost right one in the photo below (BTW, this photo does NOT do this color justice - it is not nearly so dull looking as the this photo makes it out to be)...

Even so, I would love to do a brighter yellow, but all that reflective light and energy from a bright color is not good for doing artwork. Hopefully this tamer soft yellow will provide that touch of color that I crave, but be easy on my artist eyes. We'll see...you know how it goes when you roll on paint...you're never quite sure how it will look on your walls and how it will react to the room's light...

Oh yeah, this is a little tease for an upcoming craft/creative storage project I plan to do for the Studio - these 7 cans were a freebie from Craigslist...I saw the ad while perusing the free section of Houston's Craigslist and I instantly had an idea for what to do with them...

And when I saw that they were close by and not clear across Houston, I knew I had to have them. Turns out, they were less than a mile from where we live and the sweet gal who had them met me at a gas station between our homes...1 minute from my house. It was just too easy-peasy - meant to be! Stay tuned for the transformation!

As I mentioned on my last post, with all the busy-ness around here, we needed a little away time, so Johnny and I headed to Sugarland to attend a concert featuring Phillips, Craig, and Dean and Christy Nockels too (fabulous concert BTW!!!). Because of the long drive, we got a hotel and spent the night down there - WOW, what a great little getaway it was!! It was a wonderful, relaxing 24 hours, and it recharged our batteries for a good while. I highly recommend squeezing these kinds of little low-cost, high-impact excursions into your busy life...it was time and money well spent!

I thought I would leave you with one of my most favorite songs by Phillips, Craig & Dean - "Revelation Song"...it's one of the top hits on Christian radio right now and let me tell you, it brought the house down when they sang it in concert...so powerfully beautiful!! This is a video someone put together with film clips from several movies about Jesus...I like it because it includes the lyrics with the video. Please note - there are a couple of scenes from "The Passion" that are fairly intense of Jesus being nailed to the cross near the end...just want you to be aware they're in there...

I pray you have a blessed rest-of-the-week! Thank you as always for stopping by. Hey, if you haven't already, I'd love for you to follow along the Just Bee 'n Me journey by clicking my new "Follower" link in the right column...it makes it easy to see if I have a new post... Thanks friends!!


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