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Way Back Wednesday - 1973

Welcome to the first installment of what I hope will be a weekly feature at Just Bee 'n Me: Way Back Wednesday! Each Wednesday I will travel in the way-back machine to a particular year from my past and share some personal memorabilia, photos, artwork, and anything else that might be half-way intersting with all of you - and invite you to share your memories from that year too.

The first inspiration piece for Way Back Wednesday was a no-brainer - my parents have been doing a lot of clean-up/de-cluttering lately, and lots of goodies have been turning up in the process - and this still life painting of mine, from 1973 (when I was 12) emerged, much to my delight. I had forgotten all about it... (I guess I loved robin's eggs, robin-egg blue and nests all the way back then too - here's my contemporary still life with similar elements)

I painted this during the year that my Mom and I took oil painting lessons together at the Parks and Recreation Department in Pasadena, Texas. Our instructor was a quirky, artsy, tad-bit flambouant gal who knew her stuff and was great fun. It was a wonderful time for the two of us - painting together in class...as well as at home, where we got to expand and experiment. Thanks Mom for ALWAYS encouraging me in my art!!!

Mom and I, circa 1973

A box yielding tons of painting instruction books, old calendars, catalogs, greeting cards, magazine clippings and other imagery that we collected for inspiration was also found and I've diplayed a few of the painting books here along with a page of written color formulas for a still life in my Mom's handwriting. Lots of great memories there... (in a future post, I will share some photos of my Mom's paintings as well as one my Dad painted when even he got in on the lessons!)

Since 1973 is the featured year, I thought I'd throw in one more bit of early 70's nostalgia - my hat, sash, and handbook from Girl Scouts - I believe the Spring of '73 was my last year in scouting. I LOVED being in Girl Scouts - the campouts, the crafts, the badges, selling cookies, wearing the uniform to school - good times....

SO - now it's your turn - what were you up to in 1973? (if you were even around then :o) I'd love to hear from you! Please share a comment - or if you'd like, make your own Way Back Wednesday post and share it here!

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