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Way Back When-sday: Birthdays and Celebrations!

I want to welcome you all back to Way Back When-sday! This week we are focusing on Birthdays and Celebrations...cuz this week (Friday to be exact) is my 48th Birthday. Wow...how did THAT happen? Saying that time flies is an understatement...more like time travels at warp speed. Oh well...
The following are photos from some birthdays of mine that stand out in my memory...all except for this first one...I don't actually remember this, but this is circa my 1st birthday in 1962... My mom had to tape bows in my hair back then because my hair was so fine...practically non-existent...
You'd think the following bunny cake photo was from my childhood, but nope, it was from one of my all time favorite birthday parties...in 2005. I was 44. That year my birthday fell on Easter Sunday (very cool), so my sweet bunny friends got together at my place on Saturday for a way-fun Bunny Party! We had lots of wonderful, yummy goodies and worked on crafts together...it was so very special...

Just look at all the goodies...what a decadent spread!

I even decorated Double-Stuff Oreos and little round Brownie Bites...gracious...

Here are the Bunny Girls all gathered round in my kitchen in Colorado (in front of the very same hutch I featured in my most recent post). I took my voluminous bunny collection and let my pals pick their favorite bunny to be their companion for the party (I did say I was 44, right?) That's me with the short blond hair on the right...

Probably my favorite part of the party was the craft time. We made little greeting cards and the most fun...homemade soaps! I had never made soap before...it was SO much fun. Each friend got to take home their soap creations...it was a blast!


I have a 2 more photos to share from a couple more stand out birthdays in my memory. This one is from the very first surprise party I ever had...it was 1983...two months before my first wedding. I was 22...half my age from the bunny party. I was truly surprised...had no idea this had been planned...it was great!! To my right is my lifelong friend Connie, whom I have had the great pleasure of reconnecting with since moving back to Texas - when I saw her at the Mr. Gatti's Pizza Parlour that night, I knew something was up...she lived clear across town at that time and I hadn't seen her much since High School. It was great to have here there!! Would you look at that perm of mine...and the prairie-style shirt....gosh, I LOVED that shirt!

Fast forward 10 years to 1993...when I had my second ever surprise Birthday party...my 32nd year. In 1993 I was in the final couple of years of working at The Gift Solution where I was the lead t-shirt designer/Art Director. Almost all of my clothes were hand-painted in those days. Those are some mighty big sunflowers...note the sunflower earrings too!! :o) Oh yeah...my cake was in the shape of a sunflower too! My wearing a sunflower shirt that day was just a happy coincidence...everyone knew that sunflowers were my favorite, so it was easy to come up with cake concept that I would love... Oh, and BTW my sweet friend Connie and her husband Buddy were also at this party...and it had been about 10 years since I had seen them. Another great surprise!


Finally, I thought I would throw in an illustration I did way back in 2005 for Illustration Friday - the theme that week was "Aging". In my 48 years, I can definitely say that there is sweetness and beauty in every season of our lives...if we will simply choose to see it...
(click on the image to see more detail)

"To every thing there is a season..."
Ephesians 3:1

Please check out Lallee's blog as she will be posting a Way Back When-sday post today as well. We hope you will join us in this weekly feature...we would love to see and read about your favorite birthdays and celebrations from way back in the day. If you want to play along this week or in future weeks simply leave a comment with a link to your blog and I'll add them to this or future posts... It'll be fun!!!
Love y'all!!

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