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Why I'm Back in the Heart of Texas

Well, I thought it was about time that I told you why I moved back to Texas. There's no nifty, easy way to say it: I am getting a divorce. I was married for 22 years, exactly half of my life, and now I am launching into a new life. My wonderful parents have graciously invited me to move in with them while I finalize the divorce and sort through the financial issues and obstacles in preparation for buying my own little home. My job with the large technology firm is in tact - I still work from home and am all set up with my home office here, so I am in good shape with work. My husband and I were never able to have children, so we did not have to deal with that painful issue. All in all, I am in pretty good shape. But I'm not kidding myself - I have had and will continue to have pain and loss to deal with - you don't unwind and untangle two souls in a few weeks.

But God has been more than gracious throughout every step of the move, and He is continuing to provide one thing after another that I need. I am SO GRATEUL to be back in the midst of my wonderful family - they have been so wise and fun and caring and sweet and supportive through everything. My parents now have all their kids and their families within a 30 minutes drive. That hasn't happened since we all lived at home more than 22 years ago! It's been such fun!

Starting over again is scary and exciting at the same time. I am looking forward to the things God has in store for me here...He has a plan for me, and it is a good one. I trust Him, and therefore I have peace.

I'll share more soon about the many ideas I have for my new home as well as the plans I have for promoting my art, and so on. Stay tuned and thanks from the bottom of my heart for stopping by....you guys mean a lot to me!

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