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Yes, I am Alive!

Hello to those of you who haven't completely given up coming by to see if I've posted anything...I am still here. I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post - but then again, with the kind of month I've had (actually with the kind of year I've had), I guess it's understandable. It would take far too long to go into it all, but the highlights/lowlights have been the finalization of my divorce, my father's hospitalization, my own illness (which I'm over), endless paperchase to prepare to close on my new house, actually closing on my new house, moving into my new house, unpacking at my new house, buying stuff for my new house, and lots of activities sprinkled in between have kept me out of touch, endlessly exhausted, and emotionally drained. I THINK that things are settling down a bit finally...and that has given me the occasion to stop and let y'all know what's happening with me.

I managed during this last week to do an illustration for a friend that I wanted to share - hope it brings a smile... I had a lot of fun doing it....

Blessings to each and every one of you - I hope to be back to blogging more regularly real soon - thanks for stopping by!!

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