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Tea for Two-sday! Alicia & Karla!

Hello again dear friends, and welcome to another very special Tea for Two-sday at Just Bee 'n Me!! I started Tea for Two-sday as a way to introduce two sweet, creative souls from my blogroll to each other and to all of you dear readers. I try to select two friends who have different styles or use d…

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Tea for Two-sday! Diane and Celeste!

Well friends, after the hurricane hiatus, I am tickled pink to bring you the latest installment of "Tea for Two-sday", where I bring together two creative gals who use different media, have different styles, or are from different parts of the world, and have them over for tea to meet each other and…

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Tea for Two-sday! Jill & Susan!

Hello, and welcome back to Tea for Two-sday! Each Tuesday I will invite a couple of my blog buddies, who might otherwise not meet, over to Just Bee 'n Me for a spot of tea and for a chance for me to show off some of their yummy goodies that drew me to them in the first place!

This week, I am so exc…

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Introducing Tea for Two-sday!

Welcome to a new weekly feature at Just Bee 'n Me:

Tea for Two-sday!

Here's what I have in mind and how it all came together... I have been blogging since June of 2005, and in those early days I began adding links primarily to Illustrator's blogs...sweet, talented folks I would meet through Illustra…

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