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Welcome!  I'm Becky Schultea, artist, illustrator, and product designer. Welcome to my colorful world of inspirational images! With over 20 years of experience in product development, illustration, and art licensing, plus 10 years in corporate training and communications, my whimsical style is well grounded in practical professionalism. I hope you'll explore my offerings and enjoy your time here! 

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It's Christmas at Sunnyside!

December 2, 2015


I am so excited about celebrating this wonderful Christmas Season here at Sunnyside Studio & Boutique! We have it all decked out in festive fun plus we have all kinds of great things planned for the entire season!

We have expanded our space and added a new crafting table, so now we can house twice as many crafters as before! I have the new table set up as a coloring station right now - there's almost nothing more therapeutic than coloring! Might be nice to take a coloring break here during the hustle and bustle...

I'll be updating my terribly neglected blog much more frequently this Christmas - there is just so very much going on! Plus I just LOVE this time of year! Thanks for stopping by - looking forward to sharing more of the fun in the fun, festive days to come!

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