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Welcome!  I'm Becky Schultea, artist, illustrator, and product designer. Welcome to my colorful world of inspirational images! With over 20 years of experience in product development, illustration, and art licensing, plus 10 years in corporate training and communications, my whimsical style is well grounded in practical professionalism. I hope you'll explore my offerings and enjoy your time here! 

Latest Blog Post

Moving Forward

"Fresh Flowers" 18'x24" Acrylic on Canvas by ©Becky Schultea

For just over a year now, I have left up the story of the loss of my husband to cancer in late 2016 on my blog, and I haven't posted anything new since. I still miss Johnny terribly, but the Lord has been SO good and faithful and has provided much comfort and healing in this past year...

And now, it's time...

It's time to begin to move forward again. I have slowly but surely begun to create new artwork, both digitally and now acrylic painting (see above), and it has really felt good to be creating again! I completed my first new calendar in several years, "The Patchwork Meadow" last Fall. It's a collection of seasonal Scripture based illustrations created digitally in a faux-applique style with stitches and buttons everywhere. I had a blast working on it, and I love the way it came out. (click on the cover image to see the whole calendar in my shop) The watering can illustration is the image for March...

I'm looking forward to continued work in both acrylic painting as well as digital art. No matter the medium, I love to capture cheery, colorful moments that bring joy. I know I need that outlet for my continued healing and growth. I hope the results bring a little sunshine into people's day and make them smile...


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