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About Me

My creative endeavors have spanned over 4 decades so far and have included everything from twirling in my tutu at 5, oil painting with my Mom at 12, to product development for a large Christian gift manufacturer, then t-shirt/artwear designing in the 80's and 90's, plus freelance illustration and church mural painting sprinkled throughout. In between all the designing and illustration, I honed my business skills in real estate sales, then in corporate training and communications for IBM for 10 years. Finally, after being outsourced from my corporate position, I found my way back to my true passion - creating sweet inspirational artwork for licensing to giftware, fabric and stationery manufacturers throughout the marketplace! Check out my Licensing page for more detailed licensing information.
Although the bulk of my current work was created digitally, I am thoroughly enjoying adding mixed-media works, acrylic paintings and still life photography to my portfolio mix - all of it available for licensing.  Always colorful, joyful, whimsical and encouraging, my designs express my faith in God and His purpose for us all.
I make my home in a little cottage in Plantersville, Texas (north of Houston) with my precious little Pek-a-Poo Maddie. I was married almost 10 years to the love of my life, John Schultea, but was recently widowed. I will be forever grateful for the privilege of sharing my life with Johnny, and will be forever changed for the better by his love, encouragement, and inspiration.  Check out  the blog to learn a bit more about me and to keep up with my decorating adventures, creative meanderings, and art licensing news.