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February 6, 2017

Obviously, I have not written a blog post since last Summer. There is a very sad reason for that - my sweet beloved husband of almost 10 years, John Schultea, was diagnosed with stage 4 small bowel cancer in August 2016, and he passed away a short 3 months later on November 23rd 2016. He was the love of my life and I am so blessed to have been his wife and shared my life with his...but, wow, do I miss him, as do all who knew and loved him...

I won't go into a lot of detail about the last 6 months or so except to say it has been very difficult. But the Lord has been with me every single step of the way as I continue the grieving process and begin to walk in the "new normal". Making art was completely on the back burner during this time...understandably, I felt little or no inspiration and couldn't see images in my imagination like I had for most of my life before. Plus I was not able to teach art classes at all during this time. But a few weeks ago, my inspiration began to come back and I slowly started to get the art-making process going again, and that felt great! I am so grateful to the Lord for that gift!

So, invariably, life changes will occur after going through something so traumatic. One change for me is the closing, for now, of Sunnyside Studio, my art class teaching venue and boutique that I operate inside the Texas Jack Rabbit Emporium in Magnolia, Texas. I am sad about this change because I love teaching art to my wonderful, sweet students, but part of my new normal is the need to sharply focus on my art licensing career exclusively. I will still keep a small space at the Jack Rabbit for the time being to continue to sell the remaining goodies from my original space. I'm not sure of the future of Sunnyside Studio, but I have a feeling that I will return to the concept someday and teach again - I certainly do love it...

I am reflecting this and other changes in my currently-being-updated website here at beckyschulte.com. I am removing my Sunnyside Studio page and associated links. I have also completely revamped my online portfolio and added a ton of new images and collections, including mixed-media art and photography. In many ways it does feel good to make these changes and begin the process of stepping into this new phase of my life and career...it's time to start...

Thanks as always for stopping by and checking in. I hope to begin sharing new success stories and blessings and more new art. God's gift is alive and well in me and I intend to continue to use it for His Glory!

June Class Calendar!

June 5, 2016

Excited to kick off the Summer with the June calendar of mixed media classes! There's something fun for everyone to create! I hope you'll contact me to register for one or more of these projects - just $25.00 for 2 hours of creative learning (all supplies included!)

Half a Year - WOW!

May 19, 2016

I was mortified when I realized that the last blog post I created was all about Christmas at Sunnyside Studio 2015! Yikes, what a neglected little blog. Well, half a year has gone by since then and there have been a lot of changes at the shop. I am now selling select fabrics and fun Inspiration Kits full of curated goodies from my stash of vintage and fun fabrics and trims.

In addition to all the textile goodies I have expanded my greeting card selection and added this fun repurposed card rack made from fence board.

I'm also offering a lot of new paintings for classes - here are a couple of my most recent additions...

If you are in the Houston area, I hope you can make it by the shop - we have so much fun here!

Well, I feel better having made a new blog post...let's hope it's not another 6 months before I do so again!! I'll do my best...thanks for still coming by here and checking out my website...it means so much to me to have you here!

It's Christmas at Sunnyside!

December 2, 2015


I am so excited about celebrating this wonderful Christmas Season here at Sunnyside Studio & Boutique! We have it all decked out in festive fun plus we have all kinds of great things planned for the entire season!

We have expanded our space and added a new crafting table, so now we can house twice as many crafters as before! I have the new table set up as a coloring station right now - there's almost nothing more therapeutic than coloring! Might be nice to take a coloring break here during the hustle and bustle...

I'll be updating my terribly neglected blog much more frequently this Christmas - there is just so very much going on! Plus I just LOVE this time of year! Thanks for stopping by - looking forward to sharing more of the fun in the fun, festive days to come!

Introducing Sunnyside Studio & Boutique!

July 27, 2015

Sunnyside Studio & Boutique

The painting area in Sunnyside Studio & Boutique

Amazing that it's been just over a YEAR since I wrote a blog post...mercy me!  But OH what a year it was!!  I could never adequately cover all the things that have happened since July 2014, but just to give you a quick taste:

  • 4 weddings/receptions where I was involved with either the flowers, decor or everything
  • 3 major showers where I was involved in every aspect
  • Listed my home for sale as well as my parent's house next door
  • Packed for-EVAH!
  • Sold both houses - closed on the same day - MOVED both households out to our country property on the same weekend
  • Unpacked for-EVAH!
  • Dad had seizures/heart attack and had pacemaker installed - he's much better now, but that was all happening during the holidays
  • Worked my art career in the midst of all...

So, that gives you just a little idea of my life for these many months...  During most of this time I was still working at Pinot's Palette in the Woodlands. After the move it became a bit more difficult to drive to the Woodlands from Plantersville, plus I was feeling a real tug toward taking a break from digital art and creating new mixed media paintings and fabric collages. SO, I began to pray about how I could still teach art, which I LOVE, but teach my own inspirational work on my own schedule, closer to home. I had the idea a couple of years ago about renting space in an antique/flea market shop and teaching small classes there and selling my art, but I tucked that idea away with so many others in journals of mine...but then back in May of this year I saw that exact concept done at huge antique/vintage decor shop in Louisiana. It was a real pivotal moment for me! I saw that it could be done, and right then and there I felt the Lord leading me to do just that for myself.

So I began the search for a place - long story short, after hearing all about the long waiting lists at all the usual shops I frequent in a nearby town, I revisited a sweet, beautiful 3500 sq. ft. shop just 5 minutes from my house called the Texas Jack Rabbit Emporium, and my idea for a studio space was greeted with GREAT enthusiasm by the owner! She wanted me to start almost right then and there! But we settled on a July 1st opening (this was the last week of May) - so I had 5 weeks to create all new art, develop all new kids and adult classes, and gather other decor and vintage stuff to use for display and for sale. With the Lord's help it all came together and we opened Sunnyside Studio & Boutique on July 1st!

My chalkboard informational sign in Sunnyside Studio - made this using an old bi-fold door and chalkboard paint.

I have had some lovely classes with the sweetest people and lots of interest in my classes going forward, plus I've made some nice sales so far, so I am very happy about our progress this month. PLUS, I have created A LOT of new art - these are pieces that I have had on my heart and in my journals for years, and it feels wonderful to make them. Here's a little sampling of the new work I have made these past few weeks:

Well, I sincerely hope it's not another year before I blog...  I look forward to sharing more about Sunnyside and all the other adventures that await...

Thank you for stopping by to check in - I appreciate you being here more than you'll ever know!!


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