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Blog posts January 2010

The Cat's Pajamas!

Well friends, I am delighted to announce that "The Cat's Pajamas", my latest digital clip art kit is now available for purchase in my Just Bee 'n Me Digital Boutique!! Loaded with cute kitty goodness and lots of girly sleepover fun, this is the perfect kit for enhancing slumber party scrapbook memor…

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Bunny Slippers for your Soul

Howdy strangers! So sorry to have been AWAL on the blog, but I simply cannot blog and chew gum at the same time  :o) I have been working on my latest clipart kit (the bunny slippers are part of the kit), and I've been extra busy at the antique shop, so blogging has been a bit scarce. But as always, …

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You Know Who You Are

OK, it's time to come clean...you know who you are...  You're that person, searching for what day the 15th of January is, desperately looking at the teeny-tiny January square that's at the top of your old December 2009 calendar, which is still sporting Santa and snowmen... Worse yet, you're relegate…

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New Year/New Look at the Shop

I'm sitting here in our office on the north end of the house, listening to the stiff north wind whistle all around us, and I am so glad to finally be warm and snug at home. The first part of the week was spent taking all of the Christmas down at our space in the shop and transforming the look with n…

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Happy New Year/Decade, 2010!

Happy, happy New Year (and New Decade!!) to all my dear friends and family who stop by here to visit!! I pray that this year will be one of abundant joy and the sweet comfort of your Saviour! I know it will be a mixed bag for most of us...all years seem to be that way, but I hope that through it all…

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