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You Know Who You Are

OK, it's time to come clean...you know who you are...  You're that person, searching for what day the 15th of January is, desperately looking at the teeny-tiny January square that's at the top of your old December 2009 calendar, which is still sporting Santa and snowmen... Worse yet, you're relegated to the 2010 calendar you received from your local lawn care service featuring photos of the weed of the month...

Come on, you need a calendar thats sweet, stylish and inspirational...you need one of these...
(click on the title to see ordering information)

And, if you're already good to go with a 2010 calendar, then you might enjoy having some of these swwet, seasonal notecards (featuring illustrations from the calendars) to share notes of encouragement with your friends, family, co-workers, whomever...

Find ordering information for these and the other illustrations from "My Cup Runneth Over" here, and all the illustrations from "Wisdom & Whimsy" here !

Thanks for looking! Hey, if you see a design of mine you like and would enjoy being able to purchase it on a mug, a t-shirt, or any number of the other dozens and dozens of products that CafePress provides, simply leave me a comment or drop me an email (see address on my sidebar) and I will be more than happy to make that happen!!!


Hope the downhill side of your week is blessed beyond measure!!

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