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The 50 by Fifty Challenge!

March 29, 2010
Welcome to the official kickoff of the Just Bee 'n Me 50 by Fifty Challenge! A few weeks ago as my 49th birthday was approaching I had an idea...what if I used my blog to chronicle a personal year-long 50 pound weight loss challenge that would culminate on my 50th birthday in 2011...? After thinking…

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Shop Stuff, and a Birthday...

March 26, 2010

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I hope y'all don't get tired of my shop photos...we change the look there on a fairly regular basis and I always want to be able to share it with you...  It's where all my decorating mojo goes these days...and a LOT of my time. I used to take a fair amount of photos of my…

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(His) Timing is Everything

March 21, 2010
Welcome Spring 2010! You wouldn't know it was here by the Arctic blast that just came through here yesterday and turned it back to "Winter" (well, it got into the 30's again last night, which is wintery enough for me). But by the calendar, Spring arrived yesterday, whether or not the weather forecas…

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Farmer John

March 14, 2010
With warmer, glorious sunny days upon us, my sweet hero of a hubby set out yesterday to plant a small veggie garden on our property. Planting a bean in a dixie cup in elementary school is about the extent of my personal experience with veggie gardening, so thankfully hubby (or Farmer John as I now c…

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Shopkeeping Update: Busy Week!

March 10, 2010

Hello friends! Sorry to have been away for a week...but after our bust at Canton, we have more than made up for it in the past week with some great local junking, glorious weather (perfect for furniture painting and lots of garage sales), and lots of prep work for new items to go in the shop. It was…

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Canton...or Bust?

March 2, 2010

Oh, how I WISH I had something awesome to share with you about our Canton trip...I really wish I did. But sadly, I must report that our trip was a bust...

We started out Thursday morning with such bright-eyed enthusiasm. It was a gorgeous, sunny (though windy and chilly) day, and we had the most plea…

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