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31 Days: Day 7

Today was a super busy day with a college graduation and a graduation dinner...and now it's time for bed (Hubby works Sun - Wed, so it's a work night for him - and we have to get up at 3:45 AM, so we have to turn in as soon as possible...) SO, this will be pretty brief...
Today is Day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge which means we are on Chapter 7 in Proverbs. The subject matter for today is somewhat similar to day 5 (infidelity of a married man), but with a bit of a different perspective...this time the entire chapter is a warning to young men to avoid an adulterous, seductive married temptress. The explanation of the consequences of such an affair for the young man are pretty powerful. Here are verses 21 - 27 which sound the alarm and provide fair warning:
Proverbs 7:21-27 (The Message)


I think I'll just leave it at that for tonight...it's storming now and the internet service is up and down, so I best post this before it's gone again.
I'll be back tomorrow with lots more news and goodies I promise. See you then!

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