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Black and White Bridal Shower


Recently I had the honor of co-hosting a bridal shower for my beautiful  sister-in-law to be. We had a lot of fun putting together all our ideas, getting plenty of inspiration from Pinterest of course. (here's the Pinterest board I created for their wedding, reception and shower) My new sis wanted a black and white theme with pops of hot pink, so that gave us an interesting challenge with the food, but I think all the details came out great! But the most important part of the shower was the opportunity for our family to get to meet more of her family and celebrate the joining of the two through their upcoming marriage!

Here are a few photos of the fun day...

Here's the goodie table, complete with an Oreo cake, which is essentially a two-tiered stack of Oreos on a cake plate...cute!

More black and white snacks - these wafer cookies were delicious!

 ...and of course, cupcakes!

I made the toppers with the round black and white flower graphic I used on the invitations - I printed and glued them onto fun foam, cut them out with pinking shears, then glued toothpicks on the back - easy-peasy!

...and plenty of other lovely things to look at and to eat...

 What a lovely bunch of ladies gathered in my livingroom...we had such a great time!

 What a happy day!

In addition to co-hosting the shower, I've had a lot of fun designing the various wedding/event invitations from the Save the Date cards to the "boarding pass" style destination wedding invitations, and the separate reception invitations for the local gathering. We kept the black and white theme going throughout the invitations and well as tying them together with font styles, but they are still unique from one another. It was a fun design challenge...


SO happy for my little brother and his wonderful bride to be! May God bless them in every way!


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