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Bunches o' Bunnies!

Bunny Love!

Just a sweet little bunny sampler for Easter - I have bunches of bunnies, both "real" ones and artistically rendered ones, scattered all throughout my home and illustration portfolio. I've loved/collected bunnies since...well, way back, as you can see from these photos of me as a toddler...

Bunny #1:

Battered, partially decapitated, slobber-soaked, one-eyed, one-eared, grimy, and smelly - I literally loved the stuffing out of this one.

Bunny #2:

I seemed to be a bit reluctant to accept the new replacement for my 1st shabby, not-so-chic bunny, even though they were exactly alike except for the color...

But eventually I accepted it and went on to love the life out of it as well. (Note the slippers - I think they were bunny slippers...but I can't say for sure...)

Then, for years, since my birthday is always near Easter, relatives, friends and my folks often gave me bunnies as gifts...and when I became old enough to shop on my own with my own money, I bought them for myself as well. LOTs of them over the years...and I still can't resist them today (as evidenced by my current voluminous collection)


Well, I've almost completed my 7 posts in 7 days challenge. Just one more day to go. It's been fun but challenging - I admire you guys that post daily or almost daily - I really don't know how you do it with all the other hats you wear and the many other things you do. But whether you blog a lot or a little, thank you for taking the time to share bits and pieces of your life and loves and talent with us...what a treasure you are. And many thanks for those of you who stop by here and look around, and even comment from time to time...I am so appreciative of you...it really makes my day to connect with each and every one of you on some level...

I'll see you tomorrow to celebrate Resurrection Sunday together!!

Bunny hugs and blessings to you all!!!

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