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Colorado Company Coming!

Howdy friends,

We're excitedly gearing up for the arrival of my Colorado BFF Sue and her sweet hubby Bill who are flying down tonight to celebrate their anniversary with us for 4 glorious days!! Sue and Bill had a family wedding to attend on the very same day as our wedding last year, so they've never met my sweet hubby Johnny - needless to say we are all looking forward to this opportunity to share hugs all around and get all caught up !

As part of our activities, we are heading to the Kemah Boardwalk, as well as to The Strand in Galveston - lots of fun stuff to see and do. While we're in Kemah, we will be staying at the same wonderful Bed & Breakfast where sweetie and I stayed back in April. We'll be staying in the same adorable cottage we stayed in before (see photo below)..and Sue and Bill will be in their own equally adorable cottage just next door - such fun!!

It'll be so great to get down to the beach - we haven't been all Summer. And it will be especially great for my land-locked friends to see the glory of the ocean...

But mostly we just want to RELAX and talk....a LOT!! (oh our poor hubbies - Susie and I can do some talkin'!!) We will no doubt be giving God lots of glory for His incredible goodness to us all!!

I'll be back to the blog Sunday evening/Monday morning and hope to share lots of photos and highlights from the visit. I also have a new little blog project to share, an award to post, and exciting illustration news - all coming your way soon! Bless you as always for stopping by!

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