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Overflow, and other things

As I feared, it's almost been a week since my last post, which was my first post. I hope to be more active in the future - we'll see. Meanwhile I have been writing. Check out the weekly email encouragement I write or edit, depending on the week. http://www.rez.org/WOW/Overflow_newsletter.htm I wrote the Overflow devotional on this one (and did the photography, graphics, etc), and just did the web layout on the others. This weekly encouragement is an outreach of the women's ministry that I lead called WOW! (Water of the Word) http://www.rez.org/WOW.
So, anyway, I have done some writing. I'm currently working on my illustration website. As soon as I've secured my domain name, I'll get it posted and link to it here. I don't have nearly as many illustrations to show as I would like, but I hope to be able to add more and more as I begin to participate in Illustration Friday as well as continue to make designs for my CafePress store: http://www.cafepress.com/milehighdesign. I only have a tiny smattering of things out there, but hope to be adding new designs weekly. Anyway, I hope it will help me to build my portfolio over time.
Thanks for listening...

I just re-read my post and I used the word "hope" 4 times. I guess I'm not too certain of my follow through. I hope I can change that :o)

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