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Playing in the Studio

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I've been playing around in the studio this week, combining my love of vintage fabrics, china, linens, jewelry, buttons, trims, and trinkets with retro images from my collection of vintage sewing patterns. It's kind of a cross between an inspiration board and an illustration. I have lots of tweaking yet to do, but I am having fun. This is the beginning of the new work I was talking about in a previous post...

I plan to make at least one vintage inspiration board/color study/illustration every week, post it on the blog/FB/Pinterest,  plus I hope to include a series of these images with seasonal themes for a calendar as well as notecards and greeting cards...all with a retro vibe. The larger image (above), or something like it will probably be my October design. Here's a snippet of what will likely be the November design...

Like I said, still experimenting, but it's coming along...

Meanwhile, my art licensing work is humming right along...just signed and mailed my latest contract for more party plates coming out in 2014! Can't say more about those until then, but I think/hope they will be a very positive product set for the manufacturer and me! Yay God!  :o)

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I am planning to kick off the Fall season with a blog/branding makeover - maybe not huge, major changes but a much needed refreshing...fun, but a lot of work!

Hope the remainder of your Summer is a lovely, relaxing, happy time with family and friends...take care friends...

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Thanks as always Sue - I do enjoy my peaceful little life - God has blessed me with that and I am grateful. So happy that you and Nancy (and others I'm sure) are enjoying the same thing...Hugs & Blessings,Beck


It seems, you ,too live a quiet peaceful life, doing the things that bring you joy and peace. Nancy, of A Rural Journal, and I both feel that we have the best life in our own little corner of the world. I guess you could say the same.Love seeing all of your creations.


You play so very nicely!!! Love what you do- xo Diana