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Studio Friday - Playtime 'n Action

Another first...I'm officially diving into Studio Friday! This week's theme is Playtime 'n Action. We were supposed to take out a large piece of paper and our coloring tools of choice, then close our eyes and draw using the opposite hand from what we normally draw with. We were to just let it flow, have fun with it, not peek, and then declare it finished whenever we felt like we were finished. Ok, so I chose to jump in the deep end on my first time out! So....

...this is what emerged from my playtime with pastels! It's um, interesting. It does seem to have a sort of angry red zig-zag that dominates, but it's offset a bit by the lyrical black swirlies and blue dots. It's actually kinda growing on me.

Here's proof that I did it with my left hand...

...a couple of my desk buddies are looking on with a mixture of curiosity and concern.

All in all, Playtime 'n Action was a lot of fun! Thanks Tine and all the participants! I'm looking forward to future Studio Friday fun.

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