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The Schultea Family Picnic...then the Accident

Hello friends,

Just wanted to let you know that my sweet hubby fell playing softball on Sunday at the big family picnic and hurt his left hand pretty badly (exposed bone, dislocated knuckle, torn tendons, gaping cut...sorry to be graphic). We spent some quality time at the ER on Easter...thankful for the good doctors and nurses that were there working on a holiday. Johnny's OK (dealing with pain though), but will be having orthopedic surgery on Thursday to repair the torn tendons (or ligaments..I don't know the difference). It's on his little finger, but it's amazing how difficult it is to operate without that finger...plus, his hand is in a splint, wrapped to his elbow and his arm is in a sling. We're grateful it wasn't broken...and that it was his left hand and not his right.

Anyway, just wanted you to know...we would appreciate your prayers for a full recovery and full use of that finger (he's an Electrician, so he'll be needing it :o)

I have LOTS of cute pictures from the picnic and Easter egg hunt that I will post ASAP - we had TONS of fun...right up until the last inning of the softball game...sigh...poor guy...

Talk to you soon...

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