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We interrupt Way Back When-sday to bring you this special message...

Hi friends,

I am loving creating the Way Back When-sday features (it has been so great to read your fun comments as we reminisce together!) - but they take a fair amount of time to do right (time is not a commodity I have in buckets) - so I am going to do them twice a month rather than weekly. That will give me a bit more time to work on the various other goodies that are in the works in the studio that I am excited to share with you very soon... SO - I will feature the year 1997 on Wednesday May 7th and will try to stick to the first and third Wednesdays of the month as the official "Way Back When-sday" schedule.
Meanwhile, speaking of goodies in the works, I have a sneak peek to share with you of a couple of the products I will be offering on my upcoming Etsy site -

This sweet little confection is a covered "Cupcake Plate" featuring...
...an oh-so-shabby pink rosebud china plate...

...a glass cheese ball cover festooned with gradient pink ribbon and a teensy pearl bling accent...
...all footed by a sturdy glass candlestick.

I will be selling this for $30.00.

You may remember this little makeover - she will also be available on Etsy...



The verse reads:

"In all that's gentle,
pure and true,
we see God's love
come shining through"

This re-loved cross stitch collage will be offered for $34.00

Thanks as always for stopping by - I'd love to hear from you about these samples, Way Back When-sday, or anything that's on your mind - you are more than welcome here any time!! I am starting to make a real effort to get out there and comment more on your blogs - there are so many that I love to visit daily, and I truly want to be a good citizen of Blogland and leave a "calling card" when I visit. Thanks one and all for your hospitality, grace, and patience!
And thank you as well for your thoughts and prayers for my husband during his recent injury and recovery - he is so much better and is back at work. He still has some healing to do, but he is well on his way! Praise the Lord!!

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Hi Becky, Oh the cheese keeper is a real treasure. Your etsy shop will be so special. I can't wait to see your goodies. Looking forward to your Wed. feature.hugs,Celestina,La Rea Rose


Oh my goodness! That is so lovely...I will have to visit your etsy shop and see what other goodies you have.So sorry to hear about your husband..but glad he is healing.Have a wonderful weekendXO


Hi Becky!You always leave the best comments on my blog. I'm so glad you came by for a visit. Your sweet words always make me smile. Have a lovely weekend!Hugs,Lisa


LOVE the little glass dome and pedestal. What a sweet idea to put the pearls on the pink bow. I'm sure this will do very well on Etsy.Patricia;o)


Becky you are just the sweetest! Thank you for your thoughtfulness, I am smiling all over you made my night! :o) These are wonderful "make-overs" nice work. I can see that wonderful little bunny in a sweet baby's room.


Hi Becky! It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog! I would be honored if you added my blog to your list! Michelle